Autobiography of a Tea Stall [Must Read]

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Autobiography of a Tea Stall
Autobiography – Tea Stall

Essay on Autobiography of a Tea Stall

I was built a long time ago beside a railway station. I am a tea stall who opens before the sun rises. Throughout the day, here people breathe a sigh of relief with a little cup of tea. My owner named me as ‘Das TeaStall’. Yes! Shibu Das is my owner who takes a lot of care of me. I also have good affection for my master. But day by day, my name has been changed. Now people call me by the name of my owner ‘Shibu’s Chayer Dokan’. 

Today there are many neighbours at the railway station. But the earlier scenario is quite different. I was the only tea-stall in the station area. Fortunately one day I got a chance to hear about my birth from a conversation. A customer asked,” how old was your stall”?  My owner replied nostalgically,” Oho! I started this fifteen years ago. That time here the place was abandoned. I was struggling to survive with my family. By the time, I borrowed the land and decided to make a stall. From then on, I am running this tea-stall “. And this is the story of my beginning. 

At the time of beginning, my owner sold only tea. But with time, besides tea or coffee, biscuits, cakes, slices of bread etc were also sold. There were one or two long tables and some long benches to sit in front of me. Passengers, rickshaw pullers, officials, labourers, passers-by, students, political workers and many others were regular customers. People from different walks of life discuss their respective issues with one another. It gives me satisfaction that I am not only a centre of getting refreshed with tea but also a place of being informed of various things and exchanging ideas for people.

At dawn, my owner came regularly and opened the stall. Thereafter he sprinkled water in front of me. As soon as it was morning, people came one by one. Everyone welcomed their morning by taking tea with a newspaper. As the light of day rose, the gathering of people at the station premises increased. Most of the passengers set up their journey regularly with the Shibudar’s Tea. Even no one could deny the taste of tea. From baby to old, everyone complimented Shibuda for their magic tea. Gradually I was going to be popular in adjacent areas.

[Must Read] Paragraph On Autobiography of a Tea Stall – Essay In English

Though my size was small, now I have become the most popular tea-stall in my area. When it was evening time it became a centre for all middle and old age people. This was the place which decided who would win the election and that also formulated the best opinion poll of the country. Everyone indicates me as a landmark to recognise unknown places. 

I have witnessed many such happy and tough days in my journey. One Day in a stormy night, there was none except my owner. The speedy winds acted on my walls. Still, I was standing to save my owner’s life. He seemed very miserable and I was frightened that night. I had also observed how honest my owner is. Our partnership was developing day by day. 

But now the scenario is fastly changing with the time. Modern Days is knocking at my door. And says, “Your time is going to run out”. New brands are coming one after another. Shopping malls, five-star restaurants are taking place everywhere. And as a small stall, I lost myself between the huge buildings. Everyone was busy achieving their status, success in the rat-race. No one has time to spend at a small tea-stall. People prefer to choose a brandy stall where there is a height of so-called status.  As a consequence, I and my owner spend most of the time alone in a day.  

In this situation, a pandemic appeared due to covid-19. Day by day, the situation went downhill. And the government. had made an announcement of lock-down across the country. There was no permission for gathering. As a result, no one was coming to me. Sometimes a few people came to take some other necessary items rarely. After a long period, the lockdown was lifted. But still, normalcy is not coming like before. We can say, we have welcomed a new normal. Despite a new normal, my situation is not too good.

Suddenly for many days, I was shut down. My owner had not come to open me. I was really surprised because this had never happened before. But who knows danger is coming for us. One day from conversations around, I heard that my owner had died in a road accident. The waiting and hope of my owner were going to end forever with hearing. Everyone expressed their sadness. But no one felt my feelings. In the midst of all this, another frightening thing is happening that this plot will be ready to sell to the promoter. Now I am waiting to be destroyed because after all, I am a tea-stall.

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I can guess that a big building will be built here. I was lost in the pages of the past. But sure that the identity of ‘Shibudar’s Chayer Dokan’ is never lost. Because this is not only a name, instead it is the word of thousands of people in the area. When people are struggling to find places, it becomes the most helpful word to recognize. So it is not only a tea stall of owner Shibuda but also the emotion of local people.

Maybe a huge shopping mall or restaurant or building will take my physical place in the future. But it will never take instinctive emotion. Because now everyone is running for more and more. In past days, I observed the people that had a peaceful natural smile at the back of mind. But now it’s the opposite.  Most people have fake smiles in their virtual restless world. Before destroying, today I want to say to the modern-day, “What kind of modern is it where there is no peace but full of comfort?” 

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