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Essay writing in my school is an important topic for kids’ paragraphs. Here you get paragraph on my school[short] and our school essay in English for high school students.

paragraph on my school

Some Key Points to write a paragraph on my school

  • Name of the school
  • Place of school
  • Number of students
  • Number of teachers
  • No. of classrooms
  • Water Sufficient
  • Others – Library, Playground.
  • Facility – Sports, Drawing, Dances,
  • My feeling about my school.

Our School Paragraph

The name of my school is Serampore Union Institution. I have been studying here for six years. Our school is situated on the side of the Ganga. There are more than thousands of students in our school. There are thirty-five teachers in our school. They behave very kindly and are good for us. All the students are obedient to the teachers. Our school building is so beautiful and nice. My school has a big green playground on the side of the school buildings where all the students are playing at the tiffin break. We have forty classrooms. All the classrooms are neat and clean. There are fifty students in each class. And also there is sufficient water in our school. The school organizes various activities like sports, debates, drawing, dramas, dances also. Every year our school arranges annual sports, drawing competitions. Besides our main building, we have a library. A lot of textbooks and development books are in our library. My school has also better results in our area. I am proud of my school. To me, my school is next to my house.

paragraph on my school
My school essay keypoints

My School Essay Writing For High Class – 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

A school is a place that provides education and education is the key to life.   


‘School’ is not just a word which justifies that it is a place of education where students go to grow their knowledge. School is an emotion and it is our first step in life towards our future.

The name of my school is Serampore Union Institution where I have been studying for many years. Thousands of students are in our school. It is situated at the bank of Ganga. There are twenty-five teachers and fifteen staff in our school. Our school buildings are also nicely decorated. It is so beautiful, clean and airy. Every year we have decorated our classrooms on the occasion of teacher’s day. The environment of our school is healthy.

There is a big playground in our school where we all are playing togetherly at the break and during the sports period. Our school organizes various programs like annual sports, cultural function, prize distribution ceremony, and various competition of debates, quiz, essay writings, etc. All the students and teachers observe independence day, plantation day, the birthday of many well-known men.

Besides our main buildings, there is a large library in our school. A lot of books are available in the library. The library teacher provides books to us weekly. When we have any doubt about the lessons we are going to teachers and they generously clear all of my doubts. Really I am proud of my school. The average result of our school is also very popular in our area. To me, my school is next to my house.

Essay My School 10 Lines in English

  • School is a building that has four walls with tomorrow inside. – Lon Watters [Quotes]
  • Vivekananda Vidyapith is the name of our school
  • It is placed on the side of the GT road.
  • There are approximately thousand students in our school
  • Over fifteen teachers are in our staff rooms.
  • Water is sufficiently available in the school
  • We have a field where we play at break
  • Every week our teachers take sports periods.
  • We also have a library.
  • I have felt gratified for my school.

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