Practical Printable Study Planner For Students [FREE Download]

Today we share best printable students planner for study for free. You can easily download printable study planner pdf free on below link. Get ultimate guides on how to plan with this students planner. – Students Kit.

We know that you are tired of finding a good structured scientific study planner that suits you. Everywhere you get good decorated but not too specialized , or scientific for free.

Practical Printable Study Planner For Students [FREE Download]

No worry ! We make a solution for you so that your procrastination will end and productivity will increase. We bring you a decorated, specialized, scientific structured study planners so you can surely enjoy to plan and make things happened effortlessly.

Let’s know our ultimate students kit and how to use this planner. So come with Inkner Creative and get the simple but effective planners. It has named as Students Kit. Today’s planner is discussed point by point below. 

Understand Why Study Planner – Students Kit Is Best ?

First Page – Daily Planner For Students

STARTING – Day Planner

Start your day with some positive approach. After arising your first priority should be making a plan that suits you in an aggressive manner. First in the ‘DAY’ section you have to note your 3 most important topics to cover up.

Experts say there should not be more than 3 most important topics/task that you should do with full focus in a single day. That’s how your mind will not be disturbed any more by excessive pressure. And you can complete your study or task effortlessly with our structured study planner.


Nowadays tution is one of the most important parts of daily life of student. And for that you have to use an adjustable planner that will remind you about the timing to go to the tution batch. 

Daily Student planner inkner creative
Daily Planner For Students


Divide your whole day in some small parts as respect to your work. It will be helpful to you to cover up all of the topics with less effort. Just note the main topics there and the timing that led you to complete your main day important topics. 


Write down some tasks that are out of your study . Like if you need to go out for some reason. As an example , you have to go your friend’s home for completing project. Or you have to do some task that can be given from your home or from fill-up anything else.


Revision is the other name of practice. So you should give a proper time to revise the whole thing you have learnt. Try to revise things at the end of the day. But again it’s up to you. The more you revise, the more you remember. Remember study planner provides a structured way to reduce your stress and increase productivity & quality of study.


Give time to yourself. That’s the most important thing. At the end of the day no one will stay beside you, then there you will find yourself to be stayed beside. Adjust to give at least half or an hour to realise yourself. In this section you can write what you want.

It is recommended that here you can write when you cultivate your hobby or sports or anything else that makes you instant happy ! It’s very important for everybody.  

SIM( Simple Improvement Management)  

Only you know yourself more than everyone. That’s why only you know how to improve yourself with less effort.  Try to improve yourself better than yesterday in a simple method. 

When you plan your next day , you can write here what can be improved from yesterday. So that you get reminder when you see it. That is our SIM – Simple Improvement Management system by Studens Kit Planner.

Second Page – Scheduling Your Weekly Tution Time

Put your regular tution times in suitable times, that will work as a reminder. Here just write your regular tution times like you have maths class on every monday from 7 to 9 pm. Then just put under monday , your timing and class.

weekly planner for students inkner
  • Just download our free printable study planner for students , print it , write & stick .

Third Page – Goal Statement

Reminding your goal every moment while preparing is the key to remain charged up every time. Write down your goal on the page and stick that in front of your eye and mind. It may be weekly ,monthly, or yearly. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. 

Fourth Page – Daily Discipline


This is just a flexible routine that you follow everyday more or less. It’s important to have a basic routine that you wake up between this range , going to sleep between this time range.

So it is just a basic discipline that you can pass by but it helps you to maintain biology as well as your focus. In a sentence it helps to make you and your things effortlessly.

student planners
Ultimate Students Planner
  • WAKE UP TIME – It’s up to you when you should wake up. Some rise early, some delay. But early sleeping and early rising is good for health.
  • SLEEP TIME – Again it’s up to you. It’s your choice.
  • STUDY – No matter when you study. Just make sure that you are giving your maximum with a plan. 
  • WORK – There should be other work in your daily life. Try to manage cleverly. 
  • SCHOOL TIME – Write down the timing of school. And make other plans with respect to it. 
  • WORK OUT/ SPORTS – Health is wealth. When you have health, you are wealthy. Try to manage some time for physical activities. Another planner is coming to our website soon for managing your sports or physical tracker.
  • ANY HOBBY/ OTHERS – There should be any hobby that you love to live. Just try to give sometimes to you. That’s important. It should be such things that give you happy. Like for some people playing their favorite sports gives a lot of happiness and satisfaction.

Fifth Page – School Timing

Just make sure that you have clearly put your school routine here, with respect to your school timing. Stick in front your study table that helps to figure out what class is today. It’s the most important part while studying in school. 

Sixth Page – Missed Class Log

Sometimes you can’t manage everything. So you may miss some classes for any reason. But after so many days we forget what classes I have missed and I have to cover up. Backlog is rising. So we include in our students planner so that they can track it.

printable student planner

So we make a solution for you where you can write missed classes. And put their time when you cover up these missed classes. Plan it at your suitable times and cover it slowly.  Slow But Steady is important.

Seventh Page – Weekly Revision Planner

Set a weekly goal. Revision is important more than anything for good performance. But we ignore and we have not planned it. Make sure that with your live chapter , revise little portion of your previous chapters. This little things make a huge difference at the end of day.

Here just put which portion will cover you in this week. Mention also day if you want. Whenever done , give a tick on status. It can help to be on track. Believe me that your this little changes can change your performance dramatically.

best revision student planner free
Best Revision Planning

Page Eighth –  Session Break

Just take a break after a long session of study. Try to rest your mind to make it more relaxed and to get an optimum output. Again it’s up to you how many study session breaks you will take with respect to your own schedule.  It’s an optional – you may use this.

Ninth Page – SIM( Simple Improvement Managment)

simple improve management planner


Yes it’s right that sometimes you can’t control the situation. That’s why some topics remain incomplete at the end of the day. Don’t worry, just try to cover it as early as possible. That is why a study planner is here to work as a reminder.                      

HOW YOU WILL CLEAR NEXT MONTH – Try to ensure that you have made a plan for the next month. It will remind you which works you have to cover after this 30. It will help you a lot to do with less effort.  

Tenth Page -Books That You Read Regularly

There may be a book or some books that you have to read daily at times, while it’s very important or you love to read the subject or topic. Give a certain time to that topic whenever you like. It’s good for your mental health. 

exam schedule free pdf

Eleventh Page – Exam Routine

Whenever exam comes note it on this page. Stick it in front of you desk.

When the exam knocks, it’s the time to make a new plan which will help you to revise all the topics with less effort. Try to make it faster. And our team INKNER CREATIVE will launch another planner for students only useful in exam times. You can also try that.

Free Download Printable PDF Best Study Planner For Students

Planners NameStudents Kit By Inkner Creative
Planners TypePrintable Study Planner
Published On24 August – 2021
Updated On8 November 2021
Price10 $ FREE
Ultimate Free Printable Planners For Every Students

Here is the google drive link ! Just click on button and download.

Finally this study planner guides you to increase your productivity and decrease your procastination. Be flexible with your schedule.

Just get in touch to get exclusive planners for everyone to make your life easier. Stay beside INKNER CREATIVE. Follow us on youtube on @ Inkner Creative

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